About these elections

Personally, I’m not a great believer in protest voting. And I believe even less in not voting. I am surprised that so many people decided to not go to the ballots and express what is their opinion on who should be calling the shots. And I don’t mean the EU elections, personally I think that the EU is getting too much power, and we should try and limit it, since that was not the purpose why it was created. I’m talking about the local elections that came with it. How can you not want to have your say on who is deciding what to do with your council tax money, how much your council tax will be, and where the next Tesco will be.

On the other hand I am extremely glad that Labour has fallen so much. It proves that we, as a country, have the strength to fight back. We still have a voice, and we can still tell the government that we don’t trust their doing any more. The way things have been dealt with during this recession haven’t been very impressive. The way the expenses row is being addressed is appalling. And everyone is deserting the government. I stand with my party on calling on Mr Brown to call an election. It was never his moral right to be in office anyway. This man is taking the benefit of Blair’s votes. And if I recall, Blair has resigned time ago, mainly over yet another scandal. Finally the nation is saying, almost at unison, “We’ve had enough. We didn’t vote you and we’re not going to vote you now. Or support you at all” .

And we’re seeing a peculiar situation where Mr Brown’s own government and party is falling apart, and giving almost the same exact message. So why is he still here? Surely to be able to govern freely and effectively, he needs support from all his benches.I can understand that the recent cabinet reshuffle might be an attempt at regaining such support and strength, but far too little, far too late, is what I say. And the longer he puts this election off, the smaller the chance of him reasserting himself as a leader. All the better I say, I might actually get a shot at a seat by then, but in the meantime the country is buried in this major chaos, with no light at the end of the tunnel.


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