My first run after the flu

I did this run today, it wasn’t bad at all. I am still out of breath because I had a massive flu last week and it hasn’t completely worn off yet. Also because of it I haven’t been training for 10 days, so I’m quite happy with myself. The grounds around Guildford are very different, it was a hilly ride, which made it even harder. Anyway, here are the stats – it looks like I might be able to do the Robin Hood marathon next month in about 1h30:

Begin time 2009-08-05 19:29:37 +0100
Begin time 2009-08-05 20:45:51 +0100
End time 1:16:14 hh:mm:ss
Duration 6.5 miles
Average speed 5.79 mph
Average pace 10.36 min/mile

Don’t be too hard, I am still ill!

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