My thoughts on error fares and Mileage Running done right.

The last month has seen good times and bad times for mileage runners. There have been amazing fares like the ex-Zurich error fare in business by Cathay Pacific, which haven’t been honoured, and there have been other slightly less incredible, but still amazing fares ex-Oslo by British Airways / American Airlines / Iberia, again in business class, which are being honoured.

I booked flights for both of these fares, and realised something: it is always worth trying to book something on these fares if you can. If the airline won’t honour it, you get your money back (and rather quickly), and you got to dream for a couple of days for free.

Our bookings (the ones that were honoured) are going to get us both to BA Gold for the next two years, and land us a respectable 120,000 avios. At the standard valuation of 1 penny, that’s a whopping £1200 cashback equivalent! However, in the haste, I forgot to “optimize” two of these bookings, and left on the table at least 800 tier points and a good 40000 avios. Lesson learned for next time I suppose.

If anyone else has booked these error fares, let me know in the comments how much they are going to net you!

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